Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Race Report #7

I'm going to make this one short because im mad at it.
Triangle shaped course closest thing to a crit out here. 40 starters 35 to finish. Felt confident and strong. Start off near the front 2nd lap a take a prime! Ride a really smart race go with several breaks but nothing will stick chase down several breaks and go for another prime at one point but just missed it i was over geared. Oh well. So through out the race they are waving several flags a black one a white one and a green one, not sure what the white one is for, and the black one seems to be waved as a bell would be rung back home for a prime lap then a green flag would be waved as you come across the line for the prime. Now that that's out of the way, they never show lap cards, they are supposed to show lap cards with 5 to go. There is one official i see put up three fingers but he dose this twice, im confused i look down and my computer is showing there should be one lap to go, the pace is up every one is watching each other the tension is high, we come to the line again they are waving the green flag and i swore he says lasta rounda, last round the flow of the race is going as if it's the last lap in in great position, we come around the last corner people are sprinting out of the corner i keep up with them and cross the line first and they now say lasta rounda, im going to save you here and not share the expletives that are going on in my head at this point they attack i try to keep up but am spent form the speed from that last lap, i manage to stay with them and even move up on the back side but not far enough coming through the last corner in to the long stretch, i sprint and pass by a hand full of girls and come in 17th. I feel like a proper donkey. At least i did not put my hands up or stop so it did not look like i was sprinting for the win a lap early to any one else but me, so at least i only feel like a donkey and don't look like one. Or at least i hope not.

Frustrated by the whole thing, I know I could have made podium in this race.

Lesson #7 don't go a lap early, don't trust your eyes or your ears wait for the stupid bell.

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