Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Race Report #8 Dutch Post Tour Crit

Race Report #8
Dutch Post Tour Crit

I did not plan on doing this race but was offered a ride so i thought why not.
It's a post tour crit so kind of a big deal hundreds of spectators line the streets its kind of a circus the whole thing. Not sure how i will do legs are tiered, body is tiered and we will see lots of big names and big teams.

The course is kind of fun long finishing straight that makes a left hand turn on to some cobbles but not bad ones then a short stretch and another left hand turn a bit longer stretch then a right hand turn in to a narrow road the sweeps thought the woods, you pop out on the other side make a left hand turn in to a windy open stretch that gets kind of funny because a curb jets out on the right hand side then on the left and then the right again, no matter how many times we would go through this section people would try to fit 10 people in to a whole that fits about half that so there was no surprise when a crash happened with two to go.

To make a short crit even shorter attacks start right off and keeps on going until
Marianne Vos just rides away and three others bridge up to her and the pack just lets her go. It was as if they new she would get away at some point so just let her go now. But you better believe they did not want any one else to go so all attacks where shut down right away.

Honestly i was bored most of the race, it was kind of funny we had the highest average and over all top speed but i was bored just the same. My legs were not supper sharp but i was noticing my jump has massively improved so i felt good about that, and i was never really suffering to hard, i must be getting better i think.

Two to go im in good position managed to put in some efforts and move up in to a good position, we are coming around about to hit the woods section and a girl in front of me jams on her breaks for no reason and my wheel goes in to her my left foot pops out of the peddle but i manage to keep it together clip back in and get the hell away form her. In that time i louse about 20 spots so coming in to 1 lap to go im to far back, i move up a bit and the sprint gets crazy a few girls almost go down people are bouncing of each other left and right i find the wholes and move up and up and up i should have finished in the top 20 right along side the girl i came out with. But when we check the results they placed us right out side the money in 35th, we both swear they bumped us, would not be the first time the English / Americans have been bumped. But what ever. I cam out here for the experience.

Lesson #8 just because your in great position dose not mean you will keep it but i knew that, so i guess the lesson learned is that i am improving and gaining confidence out here.

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