Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Race Report # 9 8/22/09 Herentals Post Tour Crit

Race Report # 9
8/22/09 Herentals
Post Tour Crit

Post tour crits are a big deal, and this one was a big deal, only a small amount of riders are permitted to ride and i was a lucky one. It's a small field and a short ish course with cobbles and lots of twist and turns, really a fun course. The crowds are huge lining the course the whole way lots of loud music and tons of plastic cups lettering the course from all the beer drinking that's going on, its a party that's for sure.

Going in to this race i know i am tiered had raced the past few days and i do not have high hopes for to day, i went to a Holland post tour crit the day before because i wanted the experience, but on the start line i know i should have skipped it.

We are off attacks start right off and we are strung out gaps are opened up and i come around to not get gaped off, this happens several times until a group of us are gaped off and i just don't have it in me to close this one down every one just watches the group ride away. This sucks. So there is a group of us that finally breaks down to 4 of us riding around with only two of us really working not to get lapped. I'm doing most of the work and feel fine doing this i just want this to be over with. Two laps to go and one of the other strong girls attacks and i go with her she sees me on her and sits straight up and i come around her to keep the tempo up one to go i attack half way through the lap and finish i think 18th over all.

Not my best day out.

Lesson #9 If you want to do well at a big deal race don't go in to it tiered as all hell.

Night out good times!

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